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Quality Construction at Mainstream Prices

Mainstream Construction & Development is committed to building homes of enduring quality, design and value that will build pride and satisfaction for our customers for years to come. We will set the standards by which others will be judged. The company is dedicated to conducting its business, treating its customers, and operating in its communities and environment in a responsible and ethical manner.

We are certain that these principles will provide opportunity, success and security for our customers who purchase our homes, our trade partners, suppliers and lenders, and our employees who are proud to be apart of Mainstream Construction.

  • 100+ Homes, 10+ years of experience building homes
  • We build dedicated custom homes
  • We’re local, so we know the area and get things done faster
  • Fastest build times in the industry
  • When we promise to finish your house by a certain day, we will
  • Guaranteed pricing keeps you on budget
  • Friendly, responsive, and prompt customer service
  • Environmentally respectful, clean job sites
  • Quality construction you can count on!
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